At SIM, we transcend horizons! Going beyond the average, putting in that extra mile, extending ourselves to excel and win on all accounts. SIM has a team of full time faculty members and visiting faculties, rich in academic and industry experience. The faculty members have a number of publications to their credit and are also involved in Research and Consultancy activities, which are needed to keep them abreast of the ever-changing and evolving corporate world. The students are encouraged to undertake internship with companies. The focus at SIM is to develop a Complete Student, i. e. a combination of academic and co-curricular skills. We groom our students to face the challenges of the corporate world with a blend of social sensitivity. Besides the requisite managerial skills, the students also attain visionary, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.


We believe that learning is most fruitful, when knowledge and expertise of individuals from various disciplines and diverse backgrounds are shared. As this provides a cutting edge to professional education, we encourage such diversity. We also believe that innovation is the key to progress in the modern world, so in our pursuit of excellence, we constantly upgrade and add newer areas of education and research to make our programs more relevant to the stakeholders. Most importantly, we believe that openness, participation and fairness are necessary for building a culture conducive to learning and growth.

The placement cell tries to provide opportunity to all its students to secure one job and pursues the policy of one student one job.
The placement cell is the interface between the corporate world and the institute. It maintains the industry-academia relationship by:
Facilitating Final and Summer Placements, interacting with the corporate community by inviting eminent personalities for guest lectures, seminars, corporate events etc. by arranging for industry visits and by encouraging On Job Trainings.
The Placement cell of SIM has been outstanding attracting recruiters from diverse sectors such as FMCG, BFSI, Manufacturing, Automobiles, Retail, e-Commerce, Telecom, Shipping and Logistics etc.