Dear Students

The objective of the SIBM is to deliver quality education added with necessary professional training for its students. Our course are well designed to meet the fast changing needs of corporate world & industries.

Mr. Jitendra Anjana, Chairman, Sapphire Institute of Business Management

Dear students

Our institution is committed to its moto of excellence, variety & perfection in education. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Mr. Mohammad Irshad, Secretary, Sapphire Institute of Business Management

Dear students

We believe that the most effective & sustainable way to develop employable professionals is to provide training for holistic development of personality with necessary skill set to enable the student to face the challenges of corporate world /industries. Transformation of personality & acquiring the necessary skill set is the theme of education at SIBM

Mr. Rahul Patel, Managing Director, Sapphire Institute of Business Management

Dear students

Education is the ability to meet life situations. With resistance and diligence laced with knowledge and intellect , one can soar to any extend our desires . the thrust of education at SIBM is not only to produce mere degree holder but the young professionals equipped enough to foray into the world with an all around development of personality our vision of the institution is to impact quality education in all core discipline of knowledge by developing global leaders who are confidents, smarts, intelligent, gifted and engaged with life from physics to footfall.

Dr. Neha Tiwari, Principal, Sapphire Institute of Business Management

Dear students

Our vision is to foster students to be confident, responsible and self-reliant individuals who aspire to achieve greater heights and goals. We believe in providing a supportive and a well-equipped learning environment for our students in which each student is unique, is equal and every achievement is celebrated with full vigour.

Mr. Avinash Patil, Registrar, Sapphire Institute of Business Management